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TheoGraff_iTunesThe THEO GRAFF PODCAST is a show about faith, theology and how they intersect the various cultures in our world. In particular, Theo Graff is an outflow of the life and ministry of T. C. Moore, an urban minister deeply influenced by hip hop culture. For more about T. C., check out his personal website and his theology blog: Theological Graffiti.

“Graffiti” is a term that dates back to Roman times and refers to etchings found in places like the Catacombs. It originates from the Greek word meaning simply “to write.” But modern graffiti is the visual art form of the global hip hop culture. With such affiliation, it connotes participation in a counter-cultural movement. Graffiti is the “voice of the streets”; it’s both a cry and a shout.

Theology is simply “God-talk” (from the Greek words theos for God and logos for logic or word). But theology is sometimes thought of as little more than philosophical syllogisms about God. However, theology is much more than that. Theology is also the sum total of one’s thoughts about God, the world, humanity, the Church, and the future. Every person brings their whole self to theology. Therefore, Theo Graff is about both the message and the method—a show about the Gospel of Jesus communicated in a technological world.

Show Format

From time to time, T. C. will share his own thoughts on a subject related to theology and culture. Many episodes will be dedicated to interviews. However, unlike other theology-related podcasts, guests to the show will not be restricted to authors and scholars with books coming out. Instead, interviews will also be conducted with ministers and leaders who engage the culture in everyday ways. Also, musicians and other artists will be interviewed. There may also be episodes dedicated to promoting services or products useful for ministry or Christian discipleship.

Graffiti, like other aspects of hip hop, is improvisational. Sure, you start with a sketch. But the true genius of graffiti is in the dynamic interplay between painter, paint, and wall-canvas (i.e. between message and method). The THEO GRAFF PODCAST is no different; It will be a dynamic, changing, evolving reality. The end result is art.

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